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lake printing - green certified printer
eco-friendly printing

What is LAKE PRINTING doing to support
sustainable printing practices?

  • Using soy ink instead of petroleum based ink. Using alcohol-free press solutions.
  • Recycling all wastepaper, cardboard, used printing plates, solvents, and used toner cartridges.
  • Using recycled paper whenever possible.
  • Creating printing plates with computer-to-plate technology.
  • Using washable shop towels in production area instead of disposable.
  • Sending customer proofs as PDF format via email whenever possible.
  • Re-using boxes and packing material received in incoming shipments to package outgoing deliveries.

Contact us to learn more about what YOU can do to make your print requests more sustainable!

Lake Printing is a Green Certified Printer

Lake Printing Company is proud to announce that we are FSC and SFI certified! We are now able to offer you paper that has been certified to be kinder to the environment. Since paper comes from forests and forests provide us with clean water, fresh air, and even combats global warming, it is very important to protect them.

The Meaning of Each Certification green certified printing processes

FSC Certification
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent, non-profit organization. Its mission is to promote responsible management of the world's forests. FSC has developed strict standards for responsible forest management and forest product producers. The presence of the FSC chain of custody logo shows that every entity that has touched the final printed piece was certified and the paper was sourced responsibly. Visit the FSC website to learn more.

SFI Certification
Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) is also an independent non-profit group. Their program is based on the idea that responsible environmental behavior and sound business practices can go together. SFI practices sustainability in all their program participant forests ensuring the long term health and sustainability of millions of acres of forest. Visit the SFI website to learn more.

3 Real-world Examples of Tembec’s Sustainability Leadership in Action - Click Here

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